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With over 16 years of experience in aerospace interior design and engineering, EMUG has been positioned to support Aerospace companies from Mechanical Design, Electrical harness design, Plumbing, Stress Analysis, Methods, Tooling design, Kinematics, Technical Publications covering entire interiors products like Seating, Monuments, Partitions, Cresendas, Overhead Bin, Galley Systems, Lavatorys products.


Our services have been for super-first, first, business, and economy class products for the majority of the tail numbers and major airlines. With over 250+ engineers, we have been closely working with the customers and delivering seamless solutions.


With this expertise and experience, we are fully equipped to offer plug and play services and also address the following

  1. Addressing the capacity constraints
  2. Addressing the Cost – Design, and Engineering
  3. Addressing access to experienced resources.
  4. Improve design and engineering lead time.
  5. Minimize Risk.


We have flexible business models and can take up your projects immediately. You can contact us for a free consultation.

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